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  1. This is great stuff. Awsome job.

    • tommcglinn said

      Hey Paul – Great to see you! Thanks for the comment. Early days, so I have a long way to go with the site – and hope to get the blog going well too. Are you still in Connecticut shooting surgeries? I have a few little projects and I would really like to buy you a coffee and hear what you think about them! Last summer I got to do sound for 3 or 4 days for a film about the Flying Wallendas – amazing! Tom

  2. laura suttell said

    Dear Tom,
    The new Green Flash Film web site is great! I’m enjoying catching up on your activities here. Hope to see you soon. Spent a few hours in Key West in Jan. – was looking for you.


    • tommcglinn said

      Thanks Laura!

      Never been to Key West, but I hear the sunsets are great and it must be a good place to see a Green Flash. It happens that the one I saw was at Great Point! Thanks for the Twitter mention!


  3. Julian Smith said

    Evening Tom,

    Ask Dave who doing his varnish work ???

    As Victor and me well know that he can be a little behind on this !!!!!!

    Julian in Tortola

    • tommcglinn said

      Julian! Will do. Dave’s a bit annoyed at the moment because I put in the wrong picture of his boat – okay, it was the wrong boat! And he’s not too happy with the photo of him at the front. Don’t know if he’s got to see the video interview with him yet. Had a couple of problems with that until it got sorted out today. I thought that was great. It’s early days so I expect that things will improve in fits and starts for a while, and by that time I’ll try to push it out so more people see this stuff.

      Want to do a 3 minute Skype interview? Maybe about your yard in Tortola and how it’s doing or something well-defined like that? Hello to Shirley and Harry.

      All the best,


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