Skype contact is made with Captain David Gale!

Dave at the Helm

Dave at the Helm

Captain David Gale is sailing the Pacific in his 44 foot Gulfstar sloop. So far he’s sailed from the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean to the South lsland in New Zealand.

Just yesterday I was able to contact Captain Dave on Skype, and after overcoming some difficulties we were able to see each other on Skype video.

Would Dave’s trip around the world make an interesting documentary? Would some aspect of his trip make an interesting documentary? I think so.

Dave's boat "Ferdinand" in Uquarts Bay

Uquarts Bay, New Zealand

Now that we have the kind of communication setup that will allow us to discuss possibilities in this area, full steam ahead!

Yacht Ferdinand under sail

Yacht Ferdinand under sail

I’ll make contact with Dave again in a couple of days and report back here on how things are progressing.


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