GreenFlashFilm deals with both still photography and video production. On the video side, small documentary projects are the order of the day. Photography is mostly tied to photographing yachts – racing and cruising.
In addition, writing short scripts and magazine articles, particularly related to the visual projects, rounds out the work we do.



We shoot classic yacht photography for calendars, news photos, and individual yacht owners. On occasion we do some portrait work and advertising stills.


Based on Nantucket Island, we got our start shooting video for local television, and with that experience, and experience gleaned from the occasional job with bigger outfits doing one-time jobs here, plus lots of workshops with Maine Media Workshops in Rockport, Maine, we were able to get more ambitious with our projects. We limit ourselves to five small documentary projects a year.
(We can put embedded video here of  2-4 YouTube Videos.)


Much of the writing is done in-house. Scripts, Blogs, and Treatments. Occasional magazine articles and blogs round out this category.

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